Prom Tuxedo Rental + custom formal wear NYC Tuxedo Rentals, retail and custom Formal Wear in New York
Prom Tuxedo Rental + NYC Tuxedo Rentals, retail and custom Formal Wear in New York

Tuxedo Rentals, Men's Wear, Retail & Custom Tailored

Prom Tuxedo Rental +
NYC Tuxedos and Classic Limousines

Yes, Limousines too—San Marko, the providers of NYC Tuxedo rentals and Formal Wear also offer a first class, affordable limousine Service. That is in addition to the variety custom made and major brands of tuxedos, accessories, shoes, shirts and even limousines, for a complete package deal.

Prom Tuxedo Rental + NYC-tuxedo Formal Wear limousine service New-York
NYC Tuxedos and Vintage Limousines

Vintage Limousines are also available from San Marko NYC Tuxedo. Our fleet is boasts a large variety of vintage classics to go with your wedding or event. At San Marko NYC Tuxedo and Formal Wear we are prepared to get you there in style as well. Our package deals for both Tuxedo Rentals, retail or custom made offer scalable discounts. Please inquire from your San Marko NYC Tuxedo agent about a limousine package.

Prom Tuxedo Rental +
NYC Tuxedos and Bus Limousines

Bus Limousines for your party are also available from —San Marko. Your NYC Tuxedo providers are also thinking of your guests. When your entire party comes to NYC Tuxedo at San Marko's, we will see that they too travel in styles to and from your party, so no one has to drive. NYC tuxedo and Formal Wear at San Marko's is your party's one stop-shop for the men at your wedding or event.